• Coverage of Compulsory Motor Insurance
      Compulsory Motor Insurance covers all road accident victims including driver, passenger,
    third party who suffered bodily injury, health harm and death but not including property damage.

    Preliminary compensation. (pay without proof of liability or proof of fault) When an accident occurs with
    insured vehicle, the company will pay preliminary compensation within 7 days as follows.

    1. Bodily Injury – medical expenses not exceeding 30,000 Baht / Person
    2. Death /Disability /Dismemberment 35,000 Baht / Person

    3. (Both cases combined not exceeding 65,000 Baht)

    4. Note : Preliminary Compensation for medical expenses shall be in accordance with the notification of The Protection
      for Motor Vehicle Victims Committee on Standard Medical Service Expense and Treatment Cost that insurance company
      or victim protection fund shall pay to the victim.

    Maximum compensation (requires proof of liability /proof of fault) including preliminary compensation.

    1. Bodily Injury Medical expenses not exceeding 80,000 Baht / Person
      Death / Disability 300,000 Baht / Person
      Dismemberment (according to specified condition rates) 200,000 - 300,000 Baht / Person
      Inpatient compensation (Hospitalization) 200 Baht / Day, not more than 20 days.

      Note : (Driver at fault will receive only Preliminary Compensation)

    I was a passenger in an accident with insured vehicle and I spent 7 days in hospital, what is the compensation?


    Daily compensation is additional compensation apart from medical expenses and damages to life that insurance company of the vehicle

    at fault is responsible. It will be paid to the victim directly. For those who are passengers or pedestrians who suffered bodily injury

    or damage to life will receive daily compensation at a rate of 200 Baht per day for a maximum of 20 days. This will be based on proof

    of the number of days spent in the hospital (Inpatient).  Except for the driver at fault will not receive daily compensation.

    From the question, the victim is a passenger if the vehicle is insured and the victim spent 7 days in hospital, insurance company shall pay daily compensation of 1,400 Baht (200  Baht x 7 Days).

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