When an accident happens.
  •         The victims only need to bring the required documents and contact our company at any branches to request for compensation.

    •          1. Insured person or victims are:
      •                - Person in the motor vehicle, Driver
      •                - Person outside the vehicle. (Third party that has been injured by the insured vehicle)

    •          2. The company will pay the actual medical expenses for bodily injury; maximum cover is up to 80,000 Baht and 300,000 Baht for case of death and permanent disability and other conditions as following.
    • Loss of life or Permanent disability 300,000 Baht.
      Loss of organs  
         - Loss of finger 1 knuckle or more  200,000 Baht.
         - Loss of organs 1 part  250,000 Baht.
         - Loss of organs 2 parts 300,000 Baht. 
      Daily compensation in case of hospitalization (inpatient) 200 Bath per day    4,000 Baht not more than 20 days


    •          3. Victims can authorize the hospitals to claim for compensation from Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd.

    •          4. To request for preliminary compensation, victims can claim directly from the insurance company or from Road Accident Victims Protection Co. Ltd. or authorize the hospital as the payee.

    •          5. Preliminary compensation is initial indemnity for loss of life 35,000 Baht and for bodily injury up to 30,000 baht. The victim or heir shall receive the payment within 7 days from the date of receipt of the request (with documents correctly submitted). This compensation shall be paid without proof of fault.

    •          6. If the victim is the driver at fault, they shall receive only preliminary compensation.

    •          7. The coverage only covers life and bodily injury, vehicle and property damage or vehicle repairs are not included.

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