ISO 9001 

    Quality Management Policy and Quality Objectives

    Road Accident Victims Protection Company Limited is committed to organizational development and increasing its capability. The company has been implementing Quality Management System ISO 9001 to enhance productivity and efficiency which serves as the main guideline for the employees to achieve the shared vision and common goals. As an indication of commitment in improving our performance continuously, the company has established Quality Management Policy as follows.

    Quality Management Policy
    “Committed to service excellence in claim management and underwriting continuously to maximize the customer satisfaction by focusing on convenience, speed, accuracy and fairness”

    Quality Objectives

    • 1. Develop Quality Management System of the organization to operate efficiently, effectively and complying with international standards
    • 2. Human Capital Development
    • 3. Ensure highest Customer Satisfaction
    • 4. Provide convenient, speedy and accurate service with fairness and neutrality for highest customer satisfaction
    • 5. The Management shall supervise the operations to be in accordance with the Quality Management System to ensure the system is implemented, improved, and audited as well as be a center of communication to ensure the company’s personnel understand the system.
    • 6. Improve and maintain facilities and computer appliances continuously to ensure operational efficiency.
    • 7. Procurement from quality suppliers who meet selection criteria and assessment to ensure quality purchasing
    • 8. Risk Management and Compliance


    The company shall announce the implementation of Quality Objective as the key performance indicators of all departments to achieve the Quality Objective.