• Compulsory Motor Insurance Policy Amendment / Cancellation
    No. Compulsory Motor Insurance Policy Amendment / Cancellation

    If I find an error on my Compulsory Motor Insurance for my motorcycle, what should I do?
    You can contact us to amend or cancel the policy at any RVP branches across the country.


    What are required documents for buying insurance?


    The follow documents are required.

    1. Original policy that you wish to amend or cancel.

    2. Copy of your ID or passport (with signature to verify)

    3. In case of changing motorcycle’s information, a copy of the vehicle registration or a copy of purchase agreement is required. If cannot come in person, you can authorize other person to do on your behalf with the additional


    1. Authorization letter/ Power of Attorney

    2. Copy of ID or passport of the authorized person (with signature to verify)


    You can also amend the policy on telephone with the following conditions.


    1. The insured call us directly to request for policy amendment.
    2. The information that can be modified is the details of the insured and the vehicle.
    3. The amendment must not affect the premium, premium must not be changed.
    4. Changing of insurance effective date, expiry date is not permitted (Even if the premium is unchanged)
    5. Request for policy amendment must be made within 30 days of the effective date.

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