• Buying Compulsory Insurance for Motorcycle
    No. Buying Compulsory Insurance for Motorcycle

    What are the legal premium prices for Compulsory Insurance for motorcycle?


    Compulsory Insurance Premium Rate for Motorcycle by type of motorcycle
        1. Private motorcycle
       Less than 75 cc  :                     161.57 Baht
       More than 75 cc to 125 cc  :     323.14 Baht
       More than 125 cc to 150 cc :   430.14 Baht
       More than 150 cc :                    645.21 Baht
       Electric motorcycle  :                 323.14 Baht
        2. Public / Rental motorcycle
       Less than 75 cc :                       -
       More than 75 cc to 125 cc :        376.64 บาท
       More than 125 cc to 150 cc :      -

       More than 150 cc :                    -

    Where to buy Compulsory Motor Insurance for motorcycle?


    You can buy Compulsory Motor Insurance for motorcycle at RVP’s branches, RVP’s agents, insurance brokers, motorcycle shops/dealers, vehicle roadworthy inspection center (Tor Ror Or), insurance broker companies and at 7-11 convenient store or Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-Operatives (BAAC) nationwide.


    What are required documents for buying insurance?


    Required documents are;
       1. Copy of motorcycle registration (to put details of motorcycle on the policy)

       2. ID Card (to verify identification of the insured)

    In the case motorcycle’s owner cannot buy/renew Compulsory Motor Insurance; can they authorize other person to buy/renew the insurance on their behalf? And what are the required documents?


    Buying Compulsory Motor Insurance is simple and anyone can do it but it is necessary to show the insured’s identification to put on the insurance policy.
    Required document for purchasing insurance
       1. Copy of motorcycle registration (to put details of motorcycle on the policy)

       2. Insured’s ID Card (to verify identification of the insured)

    Which part of the insurance policy to be used for Annual Tax Registration Renewal?


    Please tear the tail section of the insurance policy to use for annual tax registration renewal at the Department of Land Transport. 


    Can I buy Compulsory Motor Insurance for old motorcycle, unregistered motorcycle or without license plate?


    for unregistered vehicle (absence of annual tax registration) you will have to pay penalty fee for tax break which requires a registration fee.

    However, if you miss the annual tax for more than 3 years, your registration will be suspended by the registrar, which will require a new registration

    fee (Please check with the Department of Land Transport). In case you wish to buy compulsory motor insurance, you can do it without fine

    or cost.
    The documents to be prepared are:
       1. Copy of vehicle registration
       2. ID card

    If you do not have a copy of the vehicle registration, you can bring the motorcycle to the officer to get the chassis/ engine number to confirm

    that the motorcycle is insured.


    What is the penalty for vehicle owner that fails to get Compulsory Motor Insurance?


    Compulsory Motor Insurance (Por.Ror.Bor) is an insurance that is required by law that all vehicle owners must get this insurance for their vehicles. 

    If fail to do so, the vehicle owner is liable for a fine up to 10,000 Baht. Compulsory Motor Insurance covers persons involved in road accident

    but does not cover property damage or the vehicle itself.
    The following motor vehicles are exempted from having Compulsory Motor  Insurance
       1. Royal Motor Vehicle of the King, the Quern, Heir apparent and the Regent
       2. Motor Vehicles for Royal Household that have been registered with the stickers according to the Royal Ordinance
       3. Motor Vehicles of Ministry, Bureau, Department, Municipality, Provincial Organization, Local Office that are called in other names and military vehicles.

       4. Other Motor Vehicle according to Ministerial Regulations.

    7 Simple Steps for buying Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance via Line @iRVP


       1. Add friends using Line ID:  @iRVP
       2. Click the menu “Purchase Insurance” or Click on the purchase info shown on the screen.
       3. Choose motorcycle engine size, cover details will appear then scroll down and press “Purchase Insurance”

       4. Register and fill in buyer's and motorcycle's details then click “Next” until it comes to confirmation page. Check your information then click
           “Confirm Purchase”.

       5. Choose a payment method and pay.
       6. Check your insurance cover, click the menu “My Policy” if the ID card no. used in the registration is the same as in the insurance policy with RVP,
           the system will display the updated policy information automatically.
       7. Insurance Policy will be sent to the customer’s email.


    How to check the policy coverage period of the Compulsory Motorcycle Insurance with RVP?


    If the insured has already registered via LINE @iRVP, please go to “My Policy” menu to check the motorcycle insurance policy coverage period, or if the insured has not registered via LINE @iRVP, please add friends by searching for LINE ID @iRVP to register. After verifying your identity, you will be able to check the policy coverage period in “My Policy” menu as well.